Equals is an app for calculating most anywhere you can edit text on your Mac. You type a math expression in another app, select the text and tell Equals to calculate the result. Example: try this with 1 + 1 and Equals appends the result (1 + 1 = 2) or replaces it with the result (2).

Alternatively, you can have it display the result in a new window. This will not change the selected text. It also allows calculating results for selections that are not editable text.

Using Equals this way, you don’t need to open another calculator app, enter your calculations, and copy the result back to where you started. You can let Equals calculate the result immediately right where you are and, if you wish, keep a log of your work in the same place all at once.

The app lives in your menu bar and offers services to other Mac apps (see “Services” below for details). It looks like this:  =⃝. By default, the icon is white on black, but this can be changed in the Preferences.



Services let you borrow other apps’ features while using the app that is front and center.

You find them in the “Services” submenu of the app menu in other apps; the one with the app’s name in bold type in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, next to the Apple menu (see the introduction video for a visual walkthrough).

This menu is also available via a right-click (two-finger-click on trackpads) on selections of text. Additionally, there are convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Full version

The full version is available on Apple’s Mac App Store.


Questions that were asked frequently by users are answered in the FAQ.

Contact me!

Contact me via email. I will try to help in any way I can.

And More

If you are interested in all the details: you can read the feature description and help, which are also available directly from within the application.